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Traffic lights too long? Can not generalize
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Studies have shown that pedestrians feel the time when the red light is twice real time
Spike intelligent transportation system has been introduced flexible set of traffic lights according to traffic flow time
Guangzhou traffic congestion sometimes fall into, many users will be attributed at the traffic lights setup issues. Reporters in search engine "Guangzhou traffic lights + + unreasonable", the relevant pages as many as 690,000.
Traffic lights really set unreasonable it?
In this regard, the traffic experts believe that traffic light "reasonable" It's hard characterization. At  the same time, some regions of the traffic light settings, and not for  "Theme", but rather to look at the main features of the region according  to how fast the vehicle by Guangzhou University City's transport system  is flexible according to students' class time on the set of traffic  lights Reasonable or not, "we can not be generalized."
Text / Chart reporter Zhang Dan
Reporters  after a preliminary statistics, in the period of one month, through a  forum complaints "traffic light set unreasonable" There are 39 users at  the same time, "@ Guangzhou traffic police" reflects a problem of  traffic light users, but also up to 49 .
Traffic and pedestrian conflict
A  master driver complains, in the subway station enclosed Yin Kong should  be canceled when Jiangyan Industrial Road intersection north to south  traffic lights, turn left and now neither the place nor turn around, and  when the green light does not affect Jiang Yan Road, turn left and turn around Jiangyan Industrial Avenue intersection by side, it should remain green.
In  addition, the driver said the master B, Chang Gang Road, Baogang Road  intersection, east to the north and north west direction, a dedicated  right-turn signal light control of the vehicle, so it will not obstruct  pedestrians crossing the road. However,  the south west and south east direction, there is no dedicated  right-turn signal, full-screen only green lights, many drivers will wait  for the green light on the full screen will turn right and then turn  right experience normal pedestrian crossing the road , it is likely to cause traffic jams.
"Why  is this intersection north east and north west direction is set  separately for right turn signal lights, and the south west and south  east direction is not set up separate it? If you set up a separate,  congestion will be greatly reduced." He suggested He Says.
Traffic lights too short
"Members  of the village Street and Riverside Avenue intersection traffic lights,  it is impossible to walk through the Riverside Avenue, walking past a  green light in time, see a green light must seize the time to run, run  past the young, the elderly and small children have twice before in the past. "A little friends also made him the problems encountered.
He  said only about 20 m wide section of the road, where no cameras,  countless cars running red lights, one afternoon deliberately passing  him the next number, a period of time on a red light, 15 seconds or so,  there 四辆car ran a red light directly opened in the past.
4 traffic lights one kilometer road
In  the way people, since with multiple traffic lights junction, but also  to and from the driver of the vehicle he was puzzled, obviously a short  journey, but because of the traffic lights, "delay", so that this  section becomes particularly slow. In rush hour, this section seemed to be somewhat crowded.
Reporters found that in a period of Renmin Road about 1 km away, a total of four traffic light intersection. The traffic lights are set up, but also an objective to make this journey need to stop and go, unable to navigate.
Guangzhou  Huacheng Road intersection with Avenue crossroads, as with pedestrian  bridges, multiple measures can alleviate the traffic pressure tunnels,  underground car fast-track line, but also to set the pressure  corresponding section of track lights slowed. However, adjacent Siyou new road, then there is congestion.
In Siyou new road work with a company's Zhang told reporters, "is one  aspect of many vehicles, but traffic lights set up much more often  pedestrians running red lights, road congestion is the main reason."
Reporters  on the scene, from Canton Road and Si You Xin Road intersection west to  reach the road and Siyou new road junction, some 1.4 km away, a total  of four sets of traffic lights, pedestrian violation rate is high, so This will become slow moving vehicles need to stop walking.
Spike SCATS intersection of more than 360
Reporters learned that, at present, Guangzhou is mainly used SCATS  system, and gradually become the core of Guangzhou intelligent traffic  management system.
It  is understood, SCATS system study by the Australian state of New South  Wales Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the 70s of the last century  developed and put into use in the early 1980s, initially used in  Sydney, Australia. It is detected by the real-time detection of motor vehicles crossing  the intersection traffic data adjustment signal cycle length, without a  fixed transport option; it can collect traffic data and analysis.
By  2008, Guangzhou SCATS intersection has reached more than 360,  accounting for Guangzhou has more than 50% light controlled junction,  covering most of the intersection of downtown Guangzhou. It plays a huge role in alleviating traffic congestion, the liberation of the police.
But  sand Zjiren Sun Yat-sen, deputy director of data center frankly, since  many vehicles in Guangzhou, can truly reflect the SCATS effect when it  is less, "so many cars running on the road, even if it is then how to  debug the system, assign seconds the number of proposed solutions, it is difficult for them to quickly pass. "
Experts see regional function long traffic lights
What is a reasonable time traffic lights? Is there a clear definition? Sha  Chi Yan said, traffic lights do have the relevant norms, for  pedestrians, to meet people walking time of 1.5 meters per second, and  each cycle inside, the green light time can not be less than the time  needed for pedestrians to cross the road. With respect to this specification, Guangzhou prescribed time more  relaxed, which is to meet the pedestrian walk only 1 meter per second,  the time left for pedestrians enough time to cross the road.
However,  leave enough for pedestrians through road time, it will make a  relatively large traffic light intersection cycle is too long, but it  also makes sense, "Research has shown that people in the waiting time,  the feeling of the time would be twice real time . "Sun Yat-sen Professor Li Junfu explained to reporters.
"In  fact, I find it difficult to say how to define 'reasonable' or  'unreasonable'." Sha Chi Yan said, because in addition to a standard,  more people feel the "reasonable" or "unreasonable", is a perceptual  awareness . He  told reporters, according to a traffic light cycle, the number of  vehicles all through, and all the population pavement pedestrians,  according to a certain proportion of comparing whether the traffic light  can be analyzed that "reasonable" or not do? In fact, it is difficult to qualitative.
When  the reporters, for example in the People's Road set a number of traffic  lights, the vehicle can not quickly by allowing, Li said that some  areas of traffic lights set up, not to the vehicle quickly through the  "Theme", but rather look at the main features of the region What is the main guiding principle is like. "I can not generalize."
For example, he said to the University City Loop in terms of traffic lights set up for different time periods is managed. If  the school principal guiding ideology periods, traffic lights in  private on is to let the vehicle quickly through to avoid congestion. The students on the school period, is the main guarantee safe passage of students.
Jun  proposal, Guangzhou response function of urban roads will be clear  that, so that more people understand the traffic lights set the dominant  ideology, to avoid "unreasonable" unhappy.

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